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I am a certified whole horse barefoot trimmer. I service Mid-Michigan utilizing the Whole Horse Hoof Method for soundness and balance. I also offer glue on shoes and boots for riding, protection & pathology.

My Mission


Focusing on the overall health of the equine, my mission is to work with owners as a team member in order to maintain the health, happiness and soundness of every horse I serve through natural balance and protection of the hoof.

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Wild Hoof Care

Serving Mid Michigan and surrounding areas

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A bit more about me

I have always had a special love for horses. They are an incredible animal-unlike any other species out there. If you spend time with horses, you know this already. My love for the equine started before I could walk and has done nothing but multiply through the years. 

The steel shoes of yesteryear have been replaced with protection that does not impede the overall function of the hoof- the natural movement of the horse-shock absorption, expansion/contraction for proper blood flow and flexibility.   When you know better, you do better.  

My education with Ida Hammer and the Whole Horse Hoof Certification Program has changed my life and the lives of the horses we serve. My apprenticeship under Kim Powers has proven priceless. When you learn from the best, you continuously strive to be the best! 

I believe it is imperative that all hoofologists continue to learn and improve their skill set as much as possible and I continue- and will continue- to learn from the best: Ida Hammer, Pete Ramey, Kim Powers, Dr Robert Bowker and others who are committed to the equine population. Routine trimming every 4-6 weeks (with very few exceptions) is vital for the health of your horse. 

Trimming alone, however, cannot do it all-  proper nutrition and exercise are just as important. With one of these 3 things not in balance, you will see lameness and pathology in your horse. Consider me a team member, and together we can help give your horse the best quality of life possible.

I cannot describe the feeling I get when a horse benefits from my time with him or her. Yes, I get paid for what I do because I need to make a living, but there is a reciprocity in working with the equine because what they give back to me is something I cannot convey with words. They give me a life!

I am blessed to work with these incredible spirits and my goal every day is to help each horse I come into contact with live their best life! Call or Text me to set up an appointment and I would be happy to work with you and your horses!

To Happy Horses and Healthy Hooves!!



Wild Hoof Care